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H1-9 9# Magnesium Anode

Item Number200100

9# H-1 Magnesium Anode

Electrolytic conditions in the soil surrounding a buried structure determine the type of anodes employed in a cathodic protection system. In low-resistivity soil (under 2,000 ohm-cm), MESA's line of magnesium anodes are the most economical choice. H-1 anodes are cast to meet ASTM B843, Alloy AZ63.

This unique composition allows for even current output and efficient protection. These anodes produce an open circuit potential of 1.53 - 1.55 volts, and have a current efficiency of 45 to 55%, when tested in accordance with ASTM-G97 procedures.

Recommended Use:

        For 250 Gallon Tank - 1 9# Anode       

        For 500 Gallon Tank - 1 17# Anode

        For 1000 Gallon Tank - 2 17# Anodes