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Item Number113817
  • Part Description: Push To Close Button - Wireless

The E-STOP-W is a wireless physical palm "emergency stop" push button. Together with the RSD-E-BOX, the system is designed to add physical shut-down capabilities to a stationary anhydrous ammonia (NH3) storage tank. In the event of an unintentional product release, the operator may shut-down the electromagnet or pneumatically actuated valves by pressing the E-STOP-W button.

When the E-STOP-W palm button is pressed, it sends an encoded 32-bit ID number and command to the RSD-E-BOX receiver. Only the receiver that has that transmitter’s ID in its programmed list of transmitters will respond. One RSD-E-BOX receiver can be easily programmed to respond to up to 15 different RSD-E1 transmitters or E-STOP-W buttons.

Transmit Range is up to 91.5 meters (300 feet) over open ground.