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Item Number : 131831
  • Tank Diameter: 84"

  • Case Quantity: 1 Pc.

The RM2438SS is built with a stainless steel counter-weight.

The RM Series RoadMaster gauges were designed to withstand the vibration and shock inherent in mobile service. Their service life in over-the-road, transports and bobtails, carrying liquids from LP-Gas & Anhydrous Ammonia(NH3) is unsurpassed. These gauges allow a continuous reading between 5% and 95% of tank contents.

The RM Series RoadMaster gauges are to be installed in the side or end of mobile tanks at the centerline. They are equipped with a spring controlled shock absorber on the fl oat arm which substantially reduces the stress that quickly destroys conventional gauges. Angle mounting gauges are also available.

The standard model mounts in an 8 bolt adaptor and incorporates a 4” [100 mm] dial with an avaiable 8” [200 mm] dial. When necessary, the dials are easily replaceable.

The RM Series RoadMaster gauges are designed for working pressures ranging from atmospheric to 450 [31 Bar] psig.

Note: Refer to Gauge Instructions for mounting bolt torque specifications.

RoadMaster Options:

Add one of these Suffixes to end of the Part Number.

SS: Adds stainless steel counter-weight

X: Straddle Mount

Y: Includes adaptor to fit a 2" opening

Replacement Dials:

RM Dial Assy - 131839

RM R3D Dial - 131820

RM Fluorescent Dial - 131821

RM Fluorescent R3D Dial - 131822

Replacement Parts:

2 1/2" X 8 Bolt Adaptor - 118425

Weld In 8 Bolt Adaptor - 118428

Straddle Mount Adaptor - 131812

Spirotallic Gasket - 130040

Stud Bolt & Nut Kit - 130093

RM Dial Bracket - 131845

RM Angle Dial Bracket - 131823

RM Dial Crystal - 131824

Gasket for RM Dial Crystal - 131819