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Item Number : 130075

Taylor-Flo Indicators are installed in liquid pipelines to give visual indication of flow direction or the absence of flow of LP-Gas or Anhydrous Ammoni(NH3) at working pressures up to 500 psig [34 Bar]. Capable of showing flow in both directions, the indicator mounts in a standard tee fitting with the flapper assembly in the center of the pipe.

The head, center shaft, support tube; bearings and vane in these indicators are made of 300 Series stainless steel.

The magnets are nickel-plated Alnico, and the threaded mounting adapters are forged steel. The hermetically sealed dial has a large 4” dial face capable of showing flow in both directions or the absence of flow.

Note: Torque mounting bolts to 140 to 150 in-lb.

Includes 3" Flapper, Screws, & Gasket.

Replacement Parts:

Sr. Spirotallic Gasket - 130131

SS Cap Screw - 403631