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Item Number : 121122
  • Length - Inches: 68

  • Length - Milimeters: 1,727

  • Service: NH3

Fisher® brand rotary gauges can be used on stationary or mobile tanks to visually indicate the amount of Anhydrous Ammonia(NH3) in the container. They are also used in filling the tank to the proper liquid level. On mobile applications and some large stationary storage tanks, hangers are recommended to support the horizontal length of the diptube.

The Gauge is operated by opening the small bleed orifice when the tube is in the vapor space of the tank. Moving the pointer on the dial causes the end of the tube to move until it contacts liquid in the container. At that point, discharge from the bleed orifice turns from vapor to liquid and the rotary gauge dial gives the volume percentage of liquid in the tank.

J31 Series - Consists of heavy duty gauges that minimize vibrateon effects (swaying, bouncing) by a long (68-inches) (1,73 meters) stem tube extension. Gauges fit 1-inch (25,4 mm) female coupling container connections.

All gauges have stem & diptubes with an extra large inside diameter.  This assures that the correct liquid level can be obtained quickly.  A P324 dial is included.

A Nylon packing sleeve & a friction ring for the pointer indicator gives smooth rotation & long service life.  Steel & stainless steel materials resist rust or corrosion.

Each Gauge Must Be Bent Before Installation.

Shipping Notice:

The J31-1 & J31-2 ship UPS.

The J31-3 & J31-3L will be shipped via motor freight.

The J31-3 if shipped UPS gets an additional oversize charge.